2 Weeks

2 weeks. 2 weekends and we are there. The stress is starting to leave me (thanks to my amazing planner and my amazing BM's who helped me get most all of the DIYing done last weekend!) and I am starting to get super anxious. I want to put on my dress so bad :)

If I have learned one thing about this process, it is that sometimes it is ok to cut things down. I was so in love with the idea of adding a cusion to each guest's seat. LOVED the idea, but in the end it was more worth it to put the money elsewhere.


I also changed up my table clothes last minute. I love the idea of burlap, but so close to the wedding, with so many things to pay for still, I couldn't get behind spending $300 on just burlap. There had to be a better way, and well, with the help of my mother, there was. A long long time family friend of ours collects table cloths. She gave me free reign to search through her closets and pick and choose a variety that would work. Needless to say they will all be a little bit different, but all white, and textured and honestly really awesome.


So there you have it. Things are still changing. But, things are changing for the better. I am learning that I won't need all the frill when I am actually standing at the alter. I will just be happy to be standing in front of him!