The Wedding Playlist and the Reveal of the First Dance Song

Finding the first dance song really did take forever. The length of this story doesn't begin to explain the number of hours...but it was all worth it.

My fiance loves to do this thing where he is always the first to find something. But, for the record he really is generally the first to find something. So when I find something first (especially that he likes), I like to gloat and bask in my success because it doesn't happen very often at all.

I spent the majority of my day reading forums and going on a massive google searches and listening to pretty much every song ever. I would send him funny and interesting songs most of which would get responses like "it's okaaaaaay" and that was it. Oh the frustration! One song that was definitely in the runnings was "First day of my life" by Bright Eyes. It's a great song, but it is a bit typical. There were a few others that I loved but seeing as him and I don't share all the same musical tastes, he vetoed quite a few really fast.

I decided to humor the idea of a Feist song (upon a forum suggestion) although I really didn't see that going that far. In the middle of a massive google searching spree literally taking me to the depths of the internet, I found a phrase. It was something I had never seen before and seeing as I knew the two bands quite well, I was a bit intrigued. The line said "Constantine's and Feist". I love the Constantine's and Feist is OK for me, but I definitely needed to take a listen.

I played the song and totally liked it. As I continued to listen it literally kept getting better and better and then comes this totally amazing surprise in the middle (which I will spoil below this...but you don't get to know before) that makes it even more awesome. By the end I was hooked.

For the wedding, it will need to be edited though. The beginning is kind of slow and the end is repetitive and it is about 5 minutes long (wow, there are a lot of cons). But that is ok, we will cut it to make a really good not super long song. (PS If you are going to the wedding.....feel free to not listen and surprise yourself...please?)

The funny thing about this song is that I totally love the song "Ghetto Superstar" and have had it stuck in my head for months and months. After listening to this song a few is back stuck in my head and I am continually humming it! Redic.

Ok 1 song down, a ton more to go. Here is my little list of song ideas, none of which are final but I figure if any of you are trying to drum up the playlist like I am, hopefully this will be helpful at least. This is only my half of the songs as I know Ian has a ton of really good (but totally weird and obsure) songs that I love and we will definitely have to play.

Us having fun at Lizzie's wedding.

Before the ceremony: Forever by Ben Harper

Walking down the aisle: Make You Feel My Love by Adele

After Ceremony: You are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

First Dance: Islands in the Stream by Constantine's and Feist (above)

Must have dance songs: Empire State of Mind by Jay Z California Love by 2pac Kanye West songs An Usher song or two Paper Planes by MIA

At some point during the wedding: First day of my life by Bright Eyes Marry Me by Train A Dashboard Confessional song....(we have to, it ties the past together so well) Skinny Love by Bon Iver Pomps & Pride - Toots & The Maytals

Don't Play list includes any really lame songs like those ones with lyrics where you dance to the lyrics. And anything by Black Eyed Peas will be banned.

As you can see, this list needs some filling out but this is a pretty good beginning . So, let's talk music! What are some fantastic wedding songs that aren't so typical? What are you guys using for your songs?