The Best Song Request Ever

I got an RSVP and song request submission one day that said "This one goes out to Nikki. Player's gunna play by 3LW". I was literally laughing out loud in a coffee shop alone when I read that. Best song request to date. And here's the story. I made the mistake of telling my fiance, one of my bridesmaids and her boyfriend about my dream as a child. To think, I went 15 years without spilling the beans to anyone...and well, as of now the story is out. So I will begin the journey through my awesome musical library in 1993(ish) on the day I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Me in the early years....Luckily our house doesn't look like that anymore!

As a young tyke I wanted to be a singer and my idol was Brandy. Since Brandy just went by 1 name I felt like I needed a name, a new name that would change my appearance and my life. Allison didn't quite fit the need, so I chose, Nikki. (with two k's. That is important.) I told my mom about this and she offered to pay for singing classes. For some reason I took this as a total insult and apparently didn't understand that she was trying to help me pursue my dreams.....that was pretty much the end of my musical career. Honestly, I am not really a good singer at all.

After telling them this, I started getting texts saying "Hey Nikki." So that explains the Nikki part, and now for the song.

Somewhere in this conversation we were talking about TGIF, all the old shows and all the good 90's music. I brought up 3LW and was trying to remember their famous song. I sort of started humming and singing and Delancey (the BM) totally got what I was singing. We started laughing and the boys asked what the lyrics were. Delancey started saying the lyrics which in turn put them in laughter. All of this lead to me falling off my chair and a night of continuous laughter all while making fun of us girls and our awesome music.

The moral of the story is that although song requests generally haven't gotten me anywhere, they are totally worth it if by chance you get a gem such as this!

Next up is a more serious note about our musical tastes and of course, the first dance song!