Heading To Vegas For WPPI

I'm so so excited that I get the opportunity to go to WPPI. The actual reason why I am going is for another company. I do some work for Silber Studios which is a photo and video company. One of the sponsors asked us to head over to WPPI to meet up with several top photographers and do interviews, work with them, etc. Which BTW, if you want to add your questions watch this cute little vid and find out more here. (I'm not normally in front of the screen for a reason.)

So, with just 10 days until the conference, we booked tickets, a hotel, and I started shopping (probably the most important part for me!) Oh and then Ian decided to tag alone. Super exciting little trip we have planned.

Here is the plan:

  • We are staying at the MGM Grand.
  • We will be there from Saturday morning until Tuesday morning, Feb 22.
  • I want to meet as many of you as I possible can! E-mail me and let's figure out a great time have a drink.
  • I am most definitely heading over to the Airplanes and Blazers party on Monday night. (I basically convinced everyone to stay so we could go! and finding a black tie dress is a lot harder than I thought.)
  • The only other must-see activity is going to the pawn shop in Pawn Stars. All three of us are major Pawn Star lovers and MUST take a trip over there.

I'll also of course be tweeting and blogging about everything we are doing and where we are, so in case you feel the need to stalk, you will have a great opportun to do so.

If there are big parties, workshops, etc. etc. that I am missing I would love to hear about them all. I can't wait to meet all of you and have a totally amazing time in Vegas with you all!

Oh and just a little tip for all of you, per the forecast we are looking at a potential chance of rain and some 65-70 degree weather.i understand that all of you east coasters are excited to bask in the warmth, but me, well, I think that is pretty darn freezing! I gotta exchange my tank tops and day dresses for sweaters and boots.