8 Weeks And Counting

How many weeks do I have left? Today is officially the 8 week mark. The wedding is coming, whether I am ready or not! One tip I have for any and every bride out there, is to start early. I know people say that and you think about it, but in reality there is so much time that it doesn't really matter as much. I know myself as someone who puts everything off until the last minute. I work fast and well under pressure, but it is definitely not pleasant and I wouldn't recommend it.

The invites are slowly but surely going into the mail. These little things take FOREVER. After most get sent out I will conduct a mini photo shoot with them so I can post them here along with the amazing site Ian created. It's one of my favorites yet.

Every time I create inspiration boards for the wedding, it changes a little bit. I could feel like I am constantly changing my mind, but really I am just honing in on what I really want. It takes a lot of fishing through all the ideas you see until you find that ones that will stick through the end. This definitely isn't a bad thing despite how frustrated some vendors might get. Until the finalized deadline that is set, you can change your mind all you want. Ok I don't want to go speaking for all the vendors right now, but in my opinion I am allowed to create something that I love, even if it takes a little time and wading through bad ideas.

Balancing work and weddings is definitely not easy. I have the fortunate and unfortunate position of working for myself. So I can easily get pulled of on wedding planning, phone calls, etc. etc. all day long and come to realize I put in basically no work time in a day.

The logistics are getting to me but thankfully I have a batch of BMs that are ready and willing to help, if only I had things for them to do!