Hearting This Cake

I'm having one of those "Spill the Beans" moments right about now! I saw this and I HAD to share, even though I know better than to blurt out each and everything about my life...Oh well, here goes. The thought process came about when I was thinking how slightly boring some bridal showers and baby showers can be. It is really nothing against the people, I actually blame it on the time of day, what is there to do from 2-4 on a Sunday anyway? I decided to do a bridal shower brunch because it gives people a definite thing to do (eating amazing croissant french toast) instead of just sitting around. The theme and color palette of a brunch is also totally amazing, and though I barely ever eat it, brunch is my fave meal.

I then had this amazing idea that I plan to facilitate for my baby shower.  To peak the interest of people and give the event something exciting to do, I have decided to create a mystery. Basically the invites won't say if I'll be having a boy or a girl. When everyone comes we'll have a game where everyone guesses. And finally, the answer will be revealed. In the middle of a cake. Yep! A Cake! If it is a girl the inside of the cake will be pink and if it is a boy, the inside will be blue. To take it one step further, I am most definitely doing this cake idea.

Now I can't wait for my babes shower...