An Amazing Proposal and An Amazing Video

I'm not going to lie, I have a total geek side to me which includes following start-ups and other geeky stuff. This I attribute to both living in Silicon Valley and being engaged to Ian. I become obsessed the moment I saw this proposal. I mean honestly, what guy really gets this into and this creative with a proposal? It was totally amazing. Oh and I am kind of obsessed with that ring and her face when he proposes. Here is a look at the proposal.

Images are from Dave Morin.

To die for, right? Well, today he launched a site (well, iPhone app rather) called Path which I have been excited about for some time. They included a little promo video on the front page and of course I loved it even more when the finale of the video had a guy with a ring in his hand, ready to propose. :) If you want to watch it, it is below.

I'm excited about the product too. After looking into it a little more I could see this having a ton of potential for the day to day, but also for us brides. This could make planning a wedding a whole lot easier, especially if your bridesmaids are all over the country. You could take photos of dress shopping, picking centerpieces etc. put them on Path, and friends and family will be updated on your plans and ideas. This way only people you want to be involved with the planning will see your ideas. Super awesome.

And of course, I am totally excited to see their wedding. If it is anything like the proposal, it is bound to be epic.

Raise of hands, who is loving this proposal???

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