Vegan Cupcakes + Gluten Free Cupcakes = YUMMY Wedding Cupcakes

I know how much all of us here love desserts. So today I wanted to show off some adorable cupcakes and cupcake stands. I haven't found a baker for my wedding yet and when I was putting together this post, I saw through The Inspired List that her cake prices are in my price range. I totally love the new site :) Anyways, these mini-cupcakes look so yummy. And guess what, they are vegan and gluten-free! Though a lot more vendors are starting to add vegan and gluten-free treats to their menu, it is still not as prominent as it should be. Amy Bakes Cupcakes offers these tasty little guys and knows how to decorate quite well too.

Amy Bakes Cupcakes is a baker from San Francisco and is a member of The Inspired List.

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