Wedding Wednesday Finds (on Thursday!)

Sorry about the late finds but we had to with Erin some love before her wedding! Today I have put together a bunch of ecclectic images which somehow all become a sort of organic and vintage look. I guess I can't stray too far away from my wedding loves now can I? I finally ordered the first of many personalized stamps! I am getting ready to do the escort cards as well as hand stamp clothes pins. It's going to look really cute. I still need to find a DJ and a few other vendors too. I'm pretty behind right now, but I made the promise to get done with 90% of the wedding by the time I go to New York for my birthday, and you better believe that I am holding myself too that!

Now for the finds. The lovely and amazing finds. Speaking of, does anyone know where I could find a real one of these? I am adding a lot of these old windows into my wedding and it would be so beyond fitting if these were my cocktail hour tables!

Who doesn't want a bridal shower that looks like this?

I have never been a huge fan of how cupcakes look on a cupcake stand, but I love the convenience of the single cupcake and no cutting and all that. So, if you are planning on doing cupcakes, take a look at this route. I'm dying of its beauty and your guests will probably want to be your best friend.

Source: Wedding Chicks

Here is a little update on The Inspired List: The number of vendors are increasing each and everyday! We are working darn hard to get this thing really really going. There are several improvements and additions coming that will only make the site better and better. Once it fills up a little more, we get to introduce our next category....which you won't believe how cool it is!