Videography Giveaway!

I have recently begun yet another endeavor to keep my plate nice and full (and almost tipping over!). This time I get to do the fun part and talk to brides about wedding videography all day long. (That statement makes my life sound like a walk in the park! I'll take it.) Since I have the hook ups to videography now, of course I HAVE to pass it onto you guys.


So here is the deal. It's a pretty big one too. Silber Studios started (and still remains) a photography show where they have the chance to interview some of the top photographers in the industry. They began opening up their brand to include services such asĀ  wedding videography. That is where I came in. Apparently people think I know a thing or two about weddings :)

We are looking for brides who so deserve these services, but we are going to go even further by offering $500-$1000 off! Can you believe it? (where do I sign up?? Oh and depending on the package, that is roughly, 30% off!)

Here is how to enter:

Create an inspiration board of your wedding. Include some of the details you are adding and some of the ideas you are incorporating. If I were you I would also write a little blurb about the wedding to get me really interested! Send your submission to

Oh and guess what. There is no limit to the number of people that win. For the next month we are going to pick out the winners and we are going to keep going until we are satisfied!

So go ahead and get that board done and sent! It could save you a ridiculous amount on your wedding!