Wedding Wednesday Finds

Consider this my version of the so loved "Friday Finds" posts. Truth be told, I quite the folder of "finds" years worth, to be exact! So some of these may be things we haven't seen on the 'sphere for some time now. It's nice for me to dusk off these old photos and it is also funny to see how my style changes. Kind of like when you clean out your closet and can't believe you ever wore that shirt. Same thing, but with weddings styles! So here goes nothing! Enjoy some pretty for the day.

source: Kiss the Groom

I'm highly considering a small cake. One of these little mini beauties. They are so sweet and delicate, I just want to stare at it all day.

Source: (I'm kind of a professional bridesmaid)

A good sign never gets overlooked. I love when people are coordinated enough to create a full style for their wedding. I am glad I have Ian to design everything for me ( really, what would I do without him?) otherwise you would see no paper products at all creative at my wedding!

Source: Yvette

Obsession with this color palette and these shots. Srsly to die for.

Source: I'm Kind of a Professional Bridesmaid

Who's mocking up a candy table? This one is so very cute, and with the pops of blush? Love it.

Source: Yvette

And of course, a vintage camera. LOVE it.

As far as my wedding plans, I am getting somewhere. I realized that I have been freaking out about the design of the space way too much. All my "details" are really small totally personalized things that will make the event ours in every way we look at it. I don't want it to be a "set" like a play would have, but instead, just a bunch of those little things that mean so much to us.

So, I'll let Holman Ranch take the cake in terms of the set (I couldn't have found a better place to do so) and I am going to focus on those things that make Holman Ranch ours and ours alone.

That being said, here we go with the DIY projects. First up: Escort Cards. Everything is in the mail and that will be starting oh so soon!

PS: I still have tons of Baker's Twine, Kraft paper shipping tags, and white 4x4 gift boxes for sale. If you need any supplies for super dooper cheap, just e-mail me! (

PPS: What do you think I am using this PPS to say? You got it, The Inspired List! We have over 20 amazing giveaways (literally, I'm fully jealous of the prizes) for brides and vendors! Not to mention a site that is going to blow your mind and revolutionize how you find your vendors (while staying totally in budget)! I know, I can't wait either. Only a few more weeks. Oh and send some mental love Ian's way for this site, he is working his little butt off! Again, what would I do without him?