Cake Pop {Round 2}

Over the weekend I made Cake Pops yet again! I think they looked and tasted better than the ones I had at my engagement party. Want to know the ingredients? White cake and whipped cream cheese frosting. Yes, I said whipped! It was the most amazing frosting I have ever eaten.

As for the coating I did a few different things. Instead of getting the chocolate that was suggested to dip the pops in, I just dipped them in the frosting, which I think was WAY better. For the chocolate ones, I melted cream and chocolate together and dipped the pops in that. The pink one in the center is using the chocolate that Bakerella suggests. The clear winner at the end of the night was the white pop.

Oh and those little mini pink things are attempt number two at french macaroons. They tasted good, but they look nothing like french macaroons, I know.

Next time I am going to make red velvet cake pops!

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