{Guest Post} Boudoir Shoots

Today we have a fantastic guest blogger here for you all. I have a writing project due at the end of August and I'll be logging about 100 hours of work each week, so from now until then I am going to be sprinkling in guest posts to help me keep up with everything. I hope that's ok :) Today we have Katherine from Henry & Masci Photography here to talk a bit about boudoir shoots! Check out their boudoir website or their blog for more details! All photos were taken by Henry & Masci Photography

(I'm obsessed with this photo BTW!!!)

Ever want to have pictures taken like the Victoria’s Secret models you see in the catalogs? With boudoir photography becoming more and more popular you now have a way to do it. With an upcoming wedding or anniversary you also have the reason! A boudoir session could range from fun and flirty to sexy and sultry. It’s really up to you and what you want to take out of your lingerie drawer.  If your man is a big sports fan it could be fun to pose in his favorite team’s jersey. Maybe he’s a musician and you could pose with his guitar…and only his guitar.

Boudoir photos make a great gift that your honey will never forget. Not only are the photos a great wedding day gift, but you could also surprise him with an album on your honeymoon. Maybe he’s in the military and will be overseas for a while? You could tuck some photos into his bag before he leaves. Then you know he’ll be thinking of you every night!

You might be nervous about the idea of taking photos in your lingerie - who wouldn’t be? Making a whole event out of it with your girlfriends is a fun way to get over the nerves. Hit up the mall for some outfits, enjoy the royal treatment with hair and makeup and sip some champagne. Your photos will be fab! (Your man will totally agree!!)

Ideas for before the boudoir session:

• Have your nails and toes freshly painted

• Look online and through magazines for examples of style and outfit choices you like

• Hydrate and moisturize

Wear loose fitting clothes to your session- you don’t want to have imprints on your body from elastics

What to bring with you:

•  Sexy heels

• Printouts of photos to show your photographer and makeup artist

•  Fishnets, garters and tights to spice up an outfit and add variety • Something belonging to your guy as a prop; shirt, tie or even his guitar are nice options

What to ask your photographer:

• Ask to see examples of work

• What is her privacy policy

• Are photos retouched

• Can you bring a friend

• How many outfits to bring

• Is makeup and hair included in the price

• Does she recommend a specific makeup artist/hair stylist

• What type of spaces are sessions held in

• How many people are on the set while photos are taken

There you have it! So, who is planning a boudoir shoot?? Anyone??

If you want to guest post on E&I just send over an e-mail to allison@engagedandinspired.com with ideas of posts!