{Bridal Shower} A Chic Brunch Affair

This board pretty much completes my life. I can't think of anything more amazing than a bridal shower brunch, I mean look at all the amazing options! I love the idea of mixing it up a little bit and doing a little brunch activity for the bridal shower. I feel like it is a little less-done and it gives a bit more of a reason for people to want to come. They know it is going to be an actual meal and even if it's boring (I am very much not a fan of bridal showers...) at least they will be able to eat :) HAHA. I want to create a classy little brunch with chic tablescapes and cute little favors. Nothing massive, but since I feel for all those that hate bridal showers just like myself, I am trying to create a scene that they might actually be excited to come to!

My Bridal Shower Must Haves:

1. Raspberry in each champagne glass full of orange juice {or any drink for that matter!}

2. My mom's homemade quiche {I'm obsessed!}

3. Crepes

4. Lattes with Coffee Stencils that say something awesome.

5. Lots of white and lightly colored flowers.

6. Box favors on each seat tied in a piece of light cloth as the wrapping.

I will have this list on my mind as the bridal shower gets closer and closer of course. And I will probably add a whole bunch more "must-haves" to it so I end up with the most incredibly {and probably way-to-fattening} brunch of all time!

What are your bridal shower must-haves???