Light Up My Life

I'm trying to play it calm and act like everything is ok right now- but it's so not, and unfortunately I don't think I am very good at hiding it. After my horrible venue meeting on Sunday, I can't help but be incredibly discouraged right now. I can't look at the same venues, and the same sites all over again. It's driving me nuts. And the worst part is that it's so all my fault. So not only am I discouraged, I feel so guilty for finding the perfect place, a place that Ian loved probably more than I did, and then taking that chance away. Wow- what a great feeling.

So this morning was quite challenging. I am officially engaged and uninspired. I know that's bound to happen every now and then though. So in my search for wedding inspiration and things I love, well I don't know anymore because I can't even picture the wedding!

At least I know that these things will light up my life and will always be in my wedding vision. Let's just hope that vision has a venue with which to blossom into an actual event.

Sorry for the vent- I'll get back on my feet soon enough I hope and be back to battery with a new venue to show off soon :)

Thanks for encouraging words via Twitter as well. You guys are all amazing!