Games, Games Everywhere!

At first thought, I would tell any bride not to have games at the wedding. Games can get pretty competitive and you don't want people losing site of the purpose for them being there just because they are too enveloped with their game. I definitely don't want people lagging behind while we are all trying to be seated due to the fact that an intense game is going on. However, my whole viewpoint really turned around at some point. I don't know if it was the venue, or what, but I sort of began adding games into the wedding plans. My idea would be to add horseshoes and bocce ball into the cocktail hour. Both are pretty social games and hopefully nothing too heated will come from those choices. But, I think they would be a fun way for people to hang out during the time before dinner. It is also a great photo opp as well! And how cute are these sets?? They would go perfectly!

Maybe games aren't bad after all! Huh? I definitely think I am going to add in these little ideas as something extra to do! Anyone else adding any games to their wedding?? Any past brides have feedback from doing it??