Cookies in a Jar {A Fabulous How-To}

Yesterday you caught wind of the fashion I hosted this past weekend. Today I wanted share the favor we made for the VIP guests at the event. This was actually one of the million wedding favor ideas that I wanted to do but had decided against at one point or another. Since I knew I wasn't going to be doing it, I thought the fashion show would be a perfect place for this super adorable spring favor!

Here are some inspiration pics first of all!

So cute right?? I know, I love them. We decided to do chocolate chip cookies because it seemed pretty easy. We added the dry ingredients of the cookies to a little mason jar and topped it with some majorly adorable paper products that Ian whipped up!

They turned out to be a huge hit, and everyone let me know how fun and creative the idea was. It made the VIPs feel like they really got something awesome and it definitely fit in perfectly with the spring/garden look.

After making these, I realized how extremely cute these would be for a wedding. I also found out that they are super easy and actually pretty cheap too! So, if you want the gritty details of the how-to, then you should read on.

We got 8 ounce jars and cut the cookie recipe in half. It actually fits perfectly.

We started with 1 1/8 cup of flour at the bottom. I suggest forming it a bit to create a pyramid with the flour, that way most of the jar doesn't look white.

Next is 1/2 cup of brown sugar. I ended up having the perfect ladle that fit right in the jar so I could push the ingredients down. This made a hold in the center of the brown sugar, but pushed it up on the sides which gave the jar a bit more color.

Next is 1/3 cup of white sugar. If you use a ladle for the brown sugar then most of the white sugar will be in the hole so won't be able to be seen from the outside of the jar. All you end up seeing is a really little layer of white sugar which is the perfect balance of white and brown.

From there you fill chocolate chips up to the top! About 1/2-3/4 cups.

And you're done!

In the end I think it cost about $1.50-$2.00 per person. Most of these products are pretty expensive in a regular grocery store, so take note of these money-saving tips!

Get the mason jars and brown sugar at Walmart. I've never been into a Walmart, but it was the only place that I could actually find what I needed! First of all, the brown sugar was like $2 for the good C&H brand. In the grocery store, the same bag is $3.49. I needed about 6 bags for 60 mason jars. Also, the mason jars were $6 for 12 jars. I later found the same exact jars at OSH for $10.

Get the chocolate chips and flour at Costco. We got a 25 pound bag of flour for $5! Insane deal. The chocolate chips were more expensive at $9 a bag. I needed 3 bags for 60 jars.

As a note, if you are going to be putting these in the sun, I recommend maybe doing M&Ms instead of chocolate chips. They melt really fast!

Oh and as far as the paper products go, you can find someone on Etsy or just contact me and we can make you some of the tops and "how to bake" instruction tags!

So there you have it! I really want to see someone do these. Let me know if you are planning on doing these astute favors or if you already have!