What a Weekend!

This weekend I hosted a fashion show for my online boutique and fashion blog aspiringcouture.com. We rallied 9 amazing local clothing designers, 8 accessory designers, bunches of models, and lots of various other help together to create Spring on the Runway. The designers were all local aspiring designers and each and every model did a fabulous job showing off the latest spring collections! Overall, it was a ton of fun and a great event!

Models: Monica, Autumn, Lolly, Julia. Photos by: Meguel Varda and Kat Silan

Just showing you a little but of my weekend, which has successfully taken me away from Engaged and Inspired a tinge more than I would care to be at any given time! I'm back though, to bring you all all wonderful things to come! And really, many more WONDERFUL things are to come!

I've been busy with all the clean-up of the show and the rest of the logistics, then moving to a bigger house. Wohoo, what a summer so far! :) Thinking of POSSIBLY doing a bridal one, real edgy, fun and different pieces-who's up for a little bridal runway show??