Here We Go Again

We interrupt our regularly scheduled virtual-wedding-eye-candy for another one of my personal posts to reach out to someone who may be stumbling upon this...(for everyone else: if you want to know some relatively pointless stuff about me, you can read it too.) So, here we are again, this time for two reasons. First because this link has all the answers to the questions you asked in your last letter and is essentially the only way that we know of to be able to be in touch. But the second reason is there is something that needs a signature... (I don't know how that sentence could have sounded anymore weird and mysterious...but i don't know how to say it without being weird and mysterious??? ) Point is, that's why I am writing again.

And now for the PS: Since I always love uber-updating you with the occurrences of my life, let me think about what new and exciting things there are to say. Still busy as ever, and since it is summer, I started riding my bike again!  Oh, Bri is preggers! (I know that's not family or me related, but I know you would want to know...if you don't already) She is having a little boy. :)

And while we are on the subject of babies, when am I having babies do you ask?? October 2011 is preggo date! :) Ryleigh Aiden, Reaghan, Jonah Aston, and Brooklyn Wyatt will be arriving! (haha-Ian is still against "Aston" and "Brooklyn" but I have time for convincing, right??) Anyways, Bri is having a babers-which is exciting...and as you can tell, I have all my names picked out. But for now, I'll stick to planning the wedding and get to babies when I get to them.

Talk Soon?? And try the link...K bye!

(for anyone else reading this-consider this my copyright for baby names)