Chic and Simple Wedding Inspiration

I'm not going to lie, it has been incredibly hard for me to finalize my vision and figure out which of the 100 million styles (and I love them all) I am going to go with. Part of the problem is that I am meshing so many different styles together (think simple, chic, modern, vintage, and fresh), so I can't just search for one genre. Since you of course need inspiration to at least build off of, it really is important to finalize some sort of color scheme, vision, and style. Enter, this photo. Now this is pretty much what I am looking for in so many regards. Let's break it down. I love the fresh and airy color scheme, natural colors and textures, white table clothes with bright and bold color pops. So this photo pretty much covers it right?? I have been trying to stear far away from pink (as much as I highly love it) because I don't want it to turn out girlie. I am totally fine with adding in pops of pink and incorporating it since it is just an amazing color, but for Ian's sake, I want to make it a bit more neutral.

And now for the details! I'm seriously obsessed with those burlap-wrapped mason jars holding the centerpiece bouquets and candles. Those candles would be so romantic letting off light through the burlap textures. I am definitely adding that to my to-do list!

And since we are on the subject of my wedding, how is the venue search going?? I went to see the Old Whaling Station last weekend. After seeing the space for a fourth time, I decided that it was just too small to work. The amount of DIY I would have to do before and during (yes during! We would have to convert the ceremony spot into the reception spot while people were fully standing there!) just seemed like it was not worth it in the end. So, the search continues.... I found a few spots, but again, I still have to go see them all. I think I should check out Napa again? Or some place like that. Or maybe I will check out some destination locations??

Image Source: Sea Studio