Two Wedding Favors?

I'm pretty sure that by the time my wedding comes around, I will have about 8 favors for my guests! They are so fun to look at and get creative with, it's all I seem to be able to pay attention to these days! That being said, I have thought of another super duper cute idea. One of the main things I am obsessed with having are fire pits with lounge couches. We will are going to have a little cigar bar there as well. The dance floor will be outside near that area so people won't be cut off from each other, but we definitely have a few people that are going to want to hang out, and a fire-pit seems to be the best way to do that.

So, I want a favor there with the ingredients to make a s'more or two. I think it would be so cute and such a good way to incorporate everyone in doing something together. This is the main element I really like, everyone can have fun with them together, chat it up around the firepit, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun!

My only concern, and this may go for pretty much just me, but I feel like there will be way too much sugar at this wedding! After the wedding cake, there will be s'mores, and after the s'mores they will have their pie wedding favor to take home (if I still decide to do that??). All three seems a bit excessive, but I am pretty sure most people won't really complain.

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So, I may replace this with the pies, or I could add it on top of the pies, either way though, I think it is definitely something that I want to incorporate into the wedding plans for sure. Thoughts??