Pie Favors

I have said before that I want to do apple pies as my wedding favors. I mean, look how cute these are! Source: Martha Stewart, Finsihing Touches Event Design, Elizabeth Anne Designs

Now the next question is, how do I display these lovelies?? I actually really like the idea of doing a dessert table type design but putting all the favors there instead. Since the pies are fairly large, it would fill up literally a whole table of cake plates and cupcake tiers.

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

I am going to add a really cute little "thank you" tag on each :) I think that would be so cute. The only issue I see with these is, how are people going to bring them home?? Obviously they aren't going to eat them right then...well, I hope not! But, you can't just put a pie in your purse and walk out the door!

So I had two thoughts on this. I could display the cakes on a dessert type table like the above and make a 3 tiered cute cake looking thing out of the mini to go boxes like the ones below. Then all the cakes on the tiers could have those super cute flags below and I could even make a few different types of pie (maybe pumpkin, and pecan or another berry one??). The tags could say "Apple" on one side and "Thank You" on the other! That would be such a cute little addition actually. When they are ready to leave they can pack away their pie in the to go box, but I will still get to do the whole epic display that I want!

The other option is making the little folded pie and putting it in a box. I could organize the boxes in a 3 tiered cake thing as well.

The first idea is better right?

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Twig and Thistle, Emerald Green Weddings

Ok-such a cute idea right? I have to say that it is going to be A LOT of work....but it's probably so worth it!