Part 2: Vintage Wedding in my Potential Venue!

Ok here is part two of the amazing wedding. Again, this is the venue I am planning to use so it is great to see that someone has actually done a fantastic wedding here! Just so that everyone doesn't think I am crazy for being majorly indecisive on this space :), here is the update. I am taking the moms to see the place on Sunday. At this point, unless they point out any insanely major issues, I am going to book it. I do have a few cons keeping me from instant love, the first being the homemade food. I actually have no doubt in my mind that it will turn out to be 100% incredible, but it is the stress of getting to that point that is really killing me. It is obviously just a lot of work.

The other major concern is that the space is just not a wedding set-up. In a way I actually really like that because I hate a lot of cookie cutter wedding venues, but at the same time it takes lots more creativity and pulling in different elements to ensure the space is how it is supposed to be. I am definitely very excited to work with the non-traditional aspect, but in times of wedding inspiration-block, I am nervous that I won't know where to put anything! Oh my. That probably won't be the case, but I guess it is worth freaking out about.

SOOO CUTE on the food right! Love the way they did this.

OMG! I am sooo doing milk like this..I am in love :)

One thing I love about this space is the very versatile photography spots! There are so many different places which are all totally different styles. I think that will make for some great diversity!

This is the outside of the building. Not something we would be seeing from the seating in the reception.

OK all, I could REALLY use the help and feedback! What are your thoughts? Cute, not cute, keep looking, do something in particular?? I can't believe I might actually have a full venue booked in the next week. YAY