I Want That Hair!

Source: Kiss the Groom I have naturally red hair and up until about a year ago, I had never enhanced the color or done anything of that sort. I started doing some highlights here and there, but nothing special (I literally do highlights maybe twice a year...and you can't really see the "root"). I have never gotten to the point of fully dying it or doing anything too extreme.

So why am I telling you this probably boring story about my hair?? Well, I think for the wedding I want to do something pretty big. I want to have "statement hair" if you will. Not pink or green, but like the picture above. It is super bright and vibrant, but still looks natural. I can't do this a week before the wedding because what if I just look horrid?? Anyways, that color with my skin tone and in a white dress is gorgeous as far as I can picture it! I'll have to consult Sylvia (my hair girl) because I am sure she can help me out with a good color.