Engagement Shoot Props

These are some great options of how to set up your engagement shoot using different amazing props! Enjoy all the eye candy!

Source: Ravenberg, Callaway Gable

Luggage: this adds a fun vintage look to your shoot. I love the prop and foot shot as well. Artistic photos just happen to be my all time favorite.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes, Rock and Roll Bride, Inspiration Wedding

Fun Vintage Looks: love these darling shots with various vintage props! Balloons are a favorite of mine, but so is a vintage living room set up in the middle of the woods! Whatever you style is, there are so many unique ways to show it.

Source: Things are better with a parrot, Heather Kincaid

Music: music lovers can definitely appreciate incorperating records into their engagement shoot. Pick a record of a song the two of you love to add a romantic touch that is meaningful but still fun.

Source: Erin Hearts Court, Rock and Roll Bride

Fun and Flirty colors: Colors are super important to the engagement shoot. Picking cute props like these which enhance the colors you are wearing just makes the photo that much better. Find some cute areas and add in lots of flirty colors.

Source: Elizabeth Anne, Just Jules and and Average Joe, Pictage

Vintage Car Shots: How amazing are these shots. I would love to have these as wall art in my house knowing that it is the two of us. We have become art! These are such incredible shots, you can't help bur stare!

How amazing are all of these shots? See how much better an engagement shoot is with props.

What props are you using?? Fun, flirty, romantic, all of the above??