From Wedding to Home Makeover - How to Reuse!

I absolutely love home decor, and plan on creating a beautiful nest as soon as possible. As you may know, I am paying for a chunk of my wedding, and choosing to keep the budget at a very low amount. My goal: $10,000. Since I am paying for a chunk, I thought my home makeover would have to wait. When I got to thinking about it, $10,000 is not a lot for a wedding, but it is definitely a chunk of money which I could think of tons of other ways to spend. I had a problem with the fact that the only tanglible things I will end up with after the wedding come in high quantities and will probably end up in my closet or for sale on the Internet. I feel like it is wasteful to spend so much and come out with nothing you can reuse in the end. (I am talking merely about decor logistics and not about what this special day will mean for the both of us)

So, here is what I pledge to do for my wedding:

I will work very hard to create a wedding with all reusable decor. Everything I purchase will have a duel purpose; wedding then into my home!

This plan will allow me to spend my $10,000 budget even better and stretch that amount to it's absolute value. This is a very green approach to planning my wedding as the wastefulness will practically not exist.

In the end I will have a very personalized and unique wedding that is very special to the both of us, then I will have a house makeover! My home will be filled with items from the wedding which will make the space we share together that much more special.

Source: Tumblr, Tumblr, Young House Love

Want to join me??? Each week I will post more and more tips on how to go about doing this. Even if you don't do it 100% don't you think it would be nice to get a few great home decor items from your wedding? Most tips are incredibly easy!

Would love to hear your thoughts- are you already doing this? Do you want to do this for your wedding? Or do you think it is just too much to worry about?