Getting to Know Eachother – When we met…

Hello Again! I absolutely love this portion of my blog as I get to hear some incredible stories from all of you! Today's topic: How we met! Interesting stories always come out of this question, just like those great (and all completely real) stories from When Harry Met Sally (My favorite movie!).  I am very excited to hear all the non-traditional meetings and how they have turned into the incredible journey you have had since.


My Turn: When we met, we didn't know where it would lead.

As far back as I can remember we have known each other. When I was about 8 his sister and I were best friends and my cousin (who I am very close with) was his. The point when I really took notice of him was about 8 years ago. I was going to school in Oregon, but we spent the majority of that first summer together. That first summer was the point where I had taken notice of him and developed my "crush". Some of my favorite memories come out of that incredible time. June 27, 2002 was our first kiss :) We spent a lot of time together thereafter.

In the years to come we led different lives, I was away at school and he had moved on. In my heart I always knew that I would marry him but that didn't really become something until years later in 2006. I came back from school and we started dating-and that is how the new story began-which lead to where I am now, engaged to be married to this man.

Your Turn:

When we met....(fill in your blank!)

Time to let all the amazing details loose on the comments! :) When and how and everything in between!

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