Venue Search Part 2 - Reception

Last week I showed off my lovely venue and talked about the big issues involved! (If you didn't read that one you can check it out here) After being fully upset that I would never get this venue situation figured out, I decided it was time (again) to scour the Internet for reception sites. Low and behold, I found another solution. But since all of this can't just be simple for me, there are of course wrinkles in the plan.

The place is called Bargetto Winery and is about 5 minutes away from the Monarch Cove Inn. So as for the plan, here it goes:

Start the ceremony at 3:00pm at the Monarch Cove Inn. Right after, we would do pictures with the epic views while the rest of the wedding has a cocktail hour on the fantastic deck of the Monarch Cove Inn.

At 5:00pm the party would move to the Bargetto Winery for the reception. It is an outdoor space, with lots of greenery all around, it is a second stunning wedding spot. The downside is that the space ends at 9:00pm which is a bit early.

The second issue: the price! With two wedding spots comes two site fees. I need to work it all out but it seems slightly weird to pay double fees. Apparently the Monarch Cove Inn is that worth it to me.

I need some help! $4900 in site fees??? Am I being ridiculous?