Save Me Time and Tell Me What to Expect.

Photo (and top text) from Signals vs. Noise blog: "Refreshing to see a design firm publish what their services cost and what you get with the engagement. –Design Vineyard’s site"

I had to post this because I whole-heartedly agree.Within the wedding industry, we have the same problem. Most vendors don't seems to display much help in terms of pricing info, and it honestly couldn't be more annoying. Going through the hassle of e-mailing every single vendor  you MAY be interested in just to get pricing info is ridiculous and incredibly time-consuming for the bride, not the mention the vendor who has to reply to way too many inquiries of unqualified pospects.

I checked out a venue and when they found out about this blog they specifically asked me not to post anything about their pricing on the blog. Their reason, "We don't disclose pricing because we want all couples to e-mail us so we gain their contact info and we know everyone that is interested in our space." Well, that sounds good in theory, but the problem is, were they ever interested in your venue? Or were they interested in getting pricing info so they know whether or not they can afford being interested in your venue?

I know that my budget is tight, but I don't think I am the only one. The way I don't go over budget is by knowing the prices before I know if I can fall in love with a vendor and their work. If I can't afford it, I can't fall in love with it. That's just the bottom line.

If the point is to make your customers and potential customers happy, it shouldn't be an issue to steer some people, who couldn't afford your product in the first place, away to be able to give more focus to those that are at least qualified to work with you. Display your pricing structure (or at least a range) and then  you will only get qualified leads who you can actually spend quality time on pursuing and brides can spend their time focusing on finding the vendors that fit their vision, both creative and monetary.