My Venue-and the MASSIVE Dilemma

This is the spectacular view of a wedding venue I saw this weekend. After seeing about 20 venues, I had finally found one that I could see myself getting married at, there were no eye sores that would need to be fixed, and no compromising that would need to be done - so I thought!

First of all, let me talk more about this space. The ceremony takes place on the grass, and the reception takes place on the deck. The view (above) is from the deck, and is flawless as far as the eye can see. Also, we would make a weekend out of it as you have to rent the entire Inn for the weekend of the wedding (and the Bride and Groom can stay there up to five times for free before the wedding!). We would invite the parents and family as well as the entire bridal party up on Friday afternoon and we would have a great day before surrounded with our favorite people! The morning after the family and Bridal Party would meet on the deck for an outdoor morning brunch! So cute, right?

These are all different views from the outside!

The above picture is the space where the ceremony would take place.

Ok, now for one downside. We found out they only do daytime weddings which have to end at 6:00 pm. Major sad-face! After going to see another venue, which was not nearly as good, I was very upset. I pretty much thought I would never find a venue and this would just go on forever! It was incredibly discouraging.

We did come up with an idea. We could still rent the Monarch, stay there, and have the ceremony and cocktail hour there. We would then have the "reception" at a place close-by at 6:00pm. It's probably more expensive, and it probably isn't a smart idea, but if you had seen the amazing view, you would have wanted to do the same thing! So now- finding the reception spot, which I will tell you more about tomorrow!

What do you think? Does the space seem worth the extra money/hassle?? I would greatly appreciate the input!