Wedding Wednesday Finds of the Week

Lots of goodies this week. LOTS. Let's get right into the loves of the week just before we all take a little break to fatten up with some Turkey.

Talk about statement shoes. This wedding is just glorious!

One from our very own Twitter Wedding Inspirational Pals (TWIPS) Valley and Co. Loved this shoot.

Does Sarah Yates ever fail to impress? With the looks of this, the answer is definitely no.

Love and Lavender posted this gorgeous dessert table shoot, and it is a must see for everyone. Such gorgeous inspiration there. Head over to Love and Lavender for the rest.

I love this dress. LOVE IT. Like, can't get enough of it. Check out the other dress picks at Enchanted Dream Weddings.

Love these place cards. Mine are really similar to these in a way. I love the simplicity and of course, the kraft paper. There are tons of gorgeous details over on Snippet & Ink.

And finally I wanted to let you all know that I will be partaking in the Homespun gift exchange. It's open to anyone and with your participation it can become the largest wedding world gift exchange ever. So in case you haven't heard about it, Check it out!

Oh and even though we are a few days late, we still need to announce the winner of the MagnetStreet Holiday card giveaway. With an overwhelming majority of tweets, and the one that choose as the winner, @40somethingbride. CONGRATS!!

{Wedding Wednesday} The Inspired List Edition

I love The Inspired List. I am not saying that just because I made it (well, Ian made I dreamed it into life!) but also because of the vendors that make up The Inspired List. They really are inspiring. I am awe struck at some of the most incredible vendors that have joined the ranks to compile the most user-friendly and amazing vendor guide out there. For this weeks wedding wednesday, I wanted to share a few really amazing shots from these vendors. Turns out, there were so many that I couldn't add as many as I wanted, so a follow up post may be in order for next week.

Mae Mae Paperie is a Los Angeles paper Designer. I love the colors and textures of this design, it's beautiful.

David Rohr Floral Studio is a florist located in Palm Springs. These floral arrangements are just to die for! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Crimson Poppy is a florist in Oklahoma City. But there is a twist, she is a paper florist. That amazing bouquet was made entirely of paper flowers. Incredible.

Tamra-Marie Artistry is a make-up artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been very obsessed with this shoot for a while and it never gets old. The make-up is perfect for the shoot.

Dana Bartone is a make-up artist based in New York. This is such a great look. The style is so complete and the make-up just makes it that much better.

Jospeh was Here is a photographer based out of Houston, TX. Not much to say about this photo except that it is shear perfection. It really is perfect.

D Park Photography is a photography company based out of Los Angeles. Dying of the pretty that this photo brings. The lace accent in the background just completes the whole feel of the photo.

Laura Ashbrook Photography is a photographer based out of Washington DC. This white and simple shoot is so very pretty. These elegant details, that dress, and the color palette couldn't fit better together.

So there you have it! The wedding wednesday finds of the day. Which is your favorite? Make sure you to check them all out, and for more amazing vendors, check out The Inspired List.

Looking for wedding vendors? Check out our vendor guide to search by budget, location and vendor type. Find the vendors who bring your wedding inspiration to life on The Inspired List.

Wedding Wednesday

Here it is, Wedding Wednesday again! I swear the weeks will keep going by faster and faster until we hit Christmas! BTW, I fully started my Christmas shopping already. I feel the need to be prepared although I don't quite fancy the let's celebrate Christmas 2 months in advance bandwagon. Anywoo, back to Wedding Wednesday and all this glorious pretty.

First off, this shoot from  Elizabeth Anne Designs most definitely made the cut. Such

I love this whole shot by Feather Love Photography. I want my dress to do what her dress does when I dance. It is a little fuller though, so we will see. I'll test it out next time I am at Pricsilla of Boston.

I love these anemone flowers. They are probably the single greatest wedding invention ever. Oh and with those little vases, it looks so dainty and sweet. Plus, I happen to love the photographer,  Stephanie Williams Photography.

Going back a little bit with this one. You've probably seen it, but it's just so amazing that it definitely counted as a Wedding Wednesday find. I'm Kind of a professional bridesmaid

I love Save the Date cards because there are SO many things you can do with them. This idea is totally great by DIY Bride. I want cloth save the dates!

{Wedding Wednesday} Favorite Finds

Today's Wedding Wednesday finds are from ALL over. I'm loving so many things right now. This wedding wednesday I have gathered together some of my absolute favorites for all you to take a look at! Enjoy all the pretty. Again and again, thank you all so very much for your support, e-mails, comments and everything that else. Engaged & Inspired and The Inspired List are seeing great growth due to all of you that believe it in and keep coming back for more!

This  Green Wedding Shoes post not only made me excited for the confetti photo, but I loved the containers they used to facilitate the look!

This next one comes from the lovely Santa Barbara Chic and though it isn't "wedding" it is an amazing color palette and look that will inspire many weddings to come.

One of my fave photographers Aaron Shintaku did it again with this amazing wedding. It is a must-see!

Everyone remembers cake pops, right? What about this great find from Tres Chic of cake ball CAKES! I'm in love too.

This cake look is by Celebrations at Home and I love it in all of its simplicity.

Love and Lavender who always seems to find a way to make it on the Wedding Wednesday list. This book page inspiration post is a favorite of the week.

Loving this shoot in all its spring glory!

The Knotty Bride posted this in her finds, and I am just passing along the uber amazing-ness of this shot. I am definitely planning to have an alter sign at my wedding, now I just need to figure out what to have it say!

And of course, who doesn't love an uber-textured dress!

Wedding Wednesday Finds (on Thursday!)

Sorry about the late finds but we had to with Erin some love before her wedding! Today I have put together a bunch of ecclectic images which somehow all become a sort of organic and vintage look. I guess I can't stray too far away from my wedding loves now can I? I finally ordered the first of many personalized stamps! I am getting ready to do the escort cards as well as hand stamp clothes pins. It's going to look really cute. I still need to find a DJ and a few other vendors too. I'm pretty behind right now, but I made the promise to get done with 90% of the wedding by the time I go to New York for my birthday, and you better believe that I am holding myself too that!

Now for the finds. The lovely and amazing finds. Speaking of, does anyone know where I could find a real one of these? I am adding a lot of these old windows into my wedding and it would be so beyond fitting if these were my cocktail hour tables!

Who doesn't want a bridal shower that looks like this?

I have never been a huge fan of how cupcakes look on a cupcake stand, but I love the convenience of the single cupcake and no cutting and all that. So, if you are planning on doing cupcakes, take a look at this route. I'm dying of its beauty and your guests will probably want to be your best friend.

Source: Wedding Chicks

Here is a little update on The Inspired List: The number of vendors are increasing each and everyday! We are working darn hard to get this thing really really going. There are several improvements and additions coming that will only make the site better and better. Once it fills up a little more, we get to introduce our next category....which you won't believe how cool it is!

{Wedding Wednesday Finds} Statement Dresses and Some Amazing Shoots

This weeks Wedding Wednesday finds are insane! How people are so talented and amazing is beyond me sometimes. I had a marvelous time looking through these shoots and finding some incredibly inspiring shoots around the blog-sphere. And with the launch of The Inspired List coming up, I feel like this immersion in inspiration is exactly what I needed to get me back into "wedding mode" instead of "launch mode". I have a wedding coming up in 6 months?? What? You wouldn't believe how unprepared I am.

Enjoy the pretty

What an amazing engagement shoot over on Love and Lavender.

LOVE this look. First of all, black shoes have never looked this fantastic. And that vintage dress? OH MY! Thanks to The Knotty Bride for this shoot.

This shoot is truly fantastic. Truly. 100 Layer Cake definitely did it again with such incredible eye candy.

Such a great engagement shoot from Chelsea Nicole. I love how creative people are getting with engagement shoots these days!

Aww. I want this. From Allison Magda

OMG. Darling wedding shots. As a small hint, consider this a small peak into my wedding vision.

Major inspiration for my Bridal Party Brunch! Yummy, Yummy, Yummy! If I ever get around to planning something this amazing and awesome, my guests will be in for a big treat. Via: Ashley Meaders