Rustic Inspiration

When I started looking at wedding blogs (before I was even engaged, oops!), I was totally drawn to barn weddings. You know the kind, barns with high ceilings and chandeliers, with the guests sitting on hay bales and people drinking out of mason jars.

barn weddingbarn

After getting engaged, I remembered that I am marrying a city boy- a city boy who had never seen a cow until he joined the Marines! I grew up in a pretty small town (with a lot of cows), thus I was more drawn to the rustic feel. Dan is more traditional- he is more into churches and clean lines; thus our wedding combination of rustic and modern.

I went back to those barn weddings that I loved, and tried to put my finger on what it was that I loved about them. One common theme was wood. It  is natural and beautiful without being pretentious. My grandfather was an amazing wood worker. My dad is also very talented and I grew up helping him in the workshop, so wood details are a must!


table runner; candle