I Found THE Dress!!

So after searching online through pages and pages of wedding dress photos for the last 6 months, it only took an hour to find the one. THE one. And it's an amazing one that I'm totally in love with. I can't believe it!! Being home for the holidays, I went today with my mom and my Maid of Honor to a wonderful boutique shop in San Diego called Bliss Bride. I have to give them a shout out because they've been completely wonderful and had several particular dresses I wanted shipped in for me to try on. They have some wonderful designers, but I was particularly interested in Claire Pettibone, Jenny Packham, and Amy Kuschel (as I mentioned in my last post).


I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect! I put on a Claire Pettibone I had requested and thought "well, this is a pretty dress." I was less than moved. The first few dresses I tried on were all "pretty," but how was I going to choose from a pile of pretty dresses? None of them were giving me that feeling! But there was one Claire Pettibone my mom and MOH loved called Kristine that had a beautiful vintage feel that would be perfect for my venue.

Then she put me in my ultimate dream dress, Jenny Packham's Willow, which I couldn't stop staring at on the mannequin up until that point. Willow has been my favorite dress for a couple of months. I was so in love, I'd find myself just staring at it online. I walked out and stood on that pedestal in front of the mirror, and got chills. THIS is what it's supposed to feel like!

She then put me in one other Jenny Packham dress that she told me from the beginning was the one she wanted to see me in. It was one that I wasn't too sure about from the photos I had seen online. But something about the way she clipped it on me gave it a completely new personality. I walked out and lost myself staring at it in the mirror. It was so special, so different, so romantic, classic, and vintage. Everything else seemed like a paper bag after this.

I went back into the room to try on some Amy Kuschel gowns, and I just breezed through those. They were gorgeous, but just did not compare to the Jenny Packhams for me. They confirmed for me what I thought I wanted from the start - a dress like no other wedding dress. Something not just white and pretty, but something that told a story.

I tried on the Claire Pettibone Kristine, Jenny Packahm Willow, and this one once more and it was clear which one it was, because it was the one that made me cry. I could picture myself walking down the aisle to my amazing soon-to-be husband in this. It was perfect. But being me and having my inability to act instinctively, I went to lunch. My mother had to deal with me doing nothing but looking at photos and talking about the dress like it was my new boyfriend for the next hour. We went back, tried it on once more, and that was it. I knew nothing would ever compare to it. I could go to a million more bridal salons and nothing could beat this (or the 15% off sale!). We bought it on the spot.

At my fiancé's request, I can't show a picture of it (he wants the surprise, but I'm so terrible at surprises!), but it reminds me a lot of Kate Moss' gorgeous wedding dress.


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So how was it for you? How many bridal salons did you go to before you found the ONE? Or was it an instant and obvious choice for you? Share your story!

The Very First Dress

I will be trying on my very first wedding dress next week!! I can hardly believe it! I am so excited, nervous, and curious, and... well, EXCITED! After staring at dresses online and in magazines for the last 7 months, I am overwhelmed with beautiful designs and concepts. But I haven't the slightest clue what will look good on me. Beyond that, my wonderful yet fashion challenged fiancé has a very different idea of what sort of dress I should wear. He prefers a simple, strapless, pure white dress. I prefer something different, something vintage, off-white, and lacey. But lace reminds Kyle of his grandmother's tablecloth.

Being a vegan bride, I've spent months researching silk-free dress options. I've contacted designers, bridal salons, and scoured through websites looking up materials. Thankfully, people have been so helpful and accommodating! Here are a few of my favorites that I will be trying on next week.

Claire Pettibone makes gorgeous, effortless dresses, many of which can be made without silk (lucky me!). To save some other vegan brides some time, these dresses are: Cassandra, Madeleine, Lydia, Cloisonne, Clover, Constance, Dew Drop, Elwin, Larissa, Louisa, Norah, Queen Anne, Rhoswen, Provence, Sophie, Frederique, Amelie, Lyon, Mademoiselle, Fleur de Jour, and Toile Francais. I'll be trying on the two above next week! (Hint: she also makes sexy, classy lingerie for your wedding night)

Jenny Packham has been my favorite designer from day one of virtual dress window shopping. She makes such beautiful, vintage inspired gowns, it kills me. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when they said several of her dresses are made from synthetic materials! Of the ones I told her I liked, she said that they could make Arabesque, Iris, Willow, Luna, Belita, and Eden without silk. I'll be trying on the two above, Eden and Willow, next week as well.

Amy Kuschel is a local San Francisco designer who offers a silk-free option on several of her gowns, to help make buying a tailor made wedding gown a bit easier on the budget, and she kindly lists the materials in each dress on her website. She's also a nice eco-friendly option for Bay Area girls since all of her dresses are made locally! I will be trying on Lauryn and Paris next week, but above are two of my favorites that I hope to try soon.

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How did you feel before trying on your first wedding dress? Should I try on my favorite one first or last? What happened when you tried on your very first dress? Did you cry?

I think I'm going to cry... I tend to do that. I'll be sure to update you after the big dress day.