{Real Brides} Kalista :: Vintage Eco-friendly Wedding

Hi Brides! I'm really excited to share this roller coaster of wedding planning with you, get your help along the way, and hopefully have some fun pictures to show for it in the end. See you every Thursday!

Name:   Kalista
Location:   San Rafael, CA
Budget:  Let's see what we can do with $30,000
Age:  26
Occupation:  Manager of Donor Relations for a great non-profit
Wedding Date:  November 17th, 2012
Venue:   Headlands Center for the Arts
Planner:   Me! And Kyle too (when it's not too girly)
Photographer:  We're going to need your help with this one

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About Me: As a California girl, born and raised, who knew I'd fall in love with a New Hampshire boy? (I admit it, I wasn't exactly sure where NH was when I met him) I met my best friend Kyle on a sail boat in Long Beach, CA at 8 am. He was teaching the sailing class, I was half awake. We spent 2 days sailing and falling in love. A few months later when I graduated college, we moved up to the San Francisco Bay Area to find our new home. After 5 years together, Kyle proposed to me unexpectedly while on a trip to Jamaica, and just like all of you other lucky brides, I cannot WAIT to marry the love of my life! We're geared up and ready to stitch, paint, draw, and glue everything we possibly can for this wedding. If someone can do it, we can do it (at least we think so... let's revisit that in 11 months). Now, let's plan the crap out of this wedding!

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Wedding Style: It's important to both of us to step as lightly on the ol' earth as possible, so we're planning an eco-friendly wedding full of our favorite things: sailing, beatnik literature, travel, music, food, and craft beer. Our venue has a lot of personality, so that really guides our style. It's an old military building from 1907 that's in the middle of a National Recreation area, so naturally we want to incorporate rustic, vintage character, and bring the outdoors in as much as possible (tree rental anyone?).