Fun and Funky Wedding by Christina Sanchez

{Technically we don't get to celebrate a Tuesday. Our flight left on Monday and we get into Sydney on a I am not sure where we are currently in time, but I do know that we just lost a day. So I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday and don't take it for granted, cause you don't know what you got until it's gone :) Ok I will stop rambling and get to the post now!} Fun and funky colors and textures makes for a totally fun wedding like this! And those necklaces are just amazing. This one comes to us from Christina Sanchez as a favorite of hers. (But they are all favorites aren't they!) The color palette is definitely different but I love how playful this couple is going outside of the box with their palette and their details.



{The Inspired List Vendor Giveaway} Apple Ipad!


I have been telling you vendors out there that I have something for you too! Well, here it is, an Apple iPad. This is a great tool for any wedding vendor, especially with the occasional traveling. The Inspired List launch week wouldn't be the same if there wasn't something for vendors!


I like to keep this extra-easy, so all you have to do to enter is sign up for a Premium account on The Inspired List. At only $20 per month, this is the best advertising deal you will find all over the internet. The site is being built up more and more each and every day and pretty soon will become the ultimate wedding vendor directory.

Once we hit the first target of 200 accounts, we will announce the winner of the Apple iPad.


The Inspired List Launching October 12!

I figured it was due time to give all of you a great big update on The Inspired List. The anticipation is just killing me. It's SOOO pretty and it actually works! I really can't wait for the simplicity it will bring to both vendors and brides. Like really really really, it is going to make everything SO much easier.

If you haven't already, go to and sign up for an e-mail update when the site launches!

First of all, the prizes, OH THE PRIZES! I have been so very lucky enough to work with some amazing vendors, shop owners and sponsors to compile a list of some of the most fantastic prizes for all you brides out there. These are like jealous-worthy prizes. Not to mention all the generous vendors who are offering discounts on services for launch week! I can't wait to release it to you all. I'm hurting here, you know how I hate keeping secrets! Oh and if you vendors think I have forgotten about you......just wait till you hear what I have in store for you!

I said before that there are a lot of ways to get involved with The Inspired List. Since then, the list of ways keeps expanding! And of course, we are still totally open and interested in taking on more!


We are officially testing the site! If you would like an early peek and early sign-up on The Inspired List, e-mail me at and I will reward you with an upgrade for one month for free!

I am also giving vendors the chance to gain some extra promotion by offering launch week discounts for brides. If you would like to offer a discount, money off your shop, or anything like that- e-mail me

Shop Owners:

If you want to offer up something to giveaway during launch week, e-mail me to set that up. In exchange, you will get a featured post about your shop and brand. You can also offer discounts on items and you will be added to our special discount board for people to shop it up at your store!


If you are interested in covering the launch of The Inspired List, I would be utterly delighted. As a thank you, I will give you a sneak peek of the site as well as anything else you want! (well, ok maybe not anything, but I will help you out!) E-mail me for details!


If any brides are interested in seeing the site early and giving me some feedback, I would totally love to hear it! E-mail me at

Get ready everyone, the launch is officially set for October 12, 2010. I'll see you then!