Sunshine Inspiration {Shopping for Flowers}

I will become Mrs. DiCarlo in just 117 days from now..... oh. em. gee. People have continued to ask me, "how's the planning going?" and I simply reply, "great!" That's the truth folks. Maybe I'm in denial about how fast time seems to be flying by, but I honestly don't feel stressed at all. All of the big stuff on my list has been taken care of. These next 117 days will be all about the details. This Thursday I'm going to visit a floral shop and linen store with Linda, my wedding planner, so I'm using today's post to do a little homework in preparation for our visit.

If you've followed along with my past posts about florals, you know that I love succulents. The difference between then and now is that I have confirmed that my colors are grey and yellow.  Here is some of my inspiration...


Source: one, two, three

Source: one, two, three


Source: left, right

Source: one, two, three


One thing I learned from researching flowers is that they have some funny names, like: "Billy Balls" and "China mums." I have a feeling this is going to be a very educational experience for one who does not have a green thumb, like me....I'll keep you posted on how the trip went!

In the meantime, do you have any pointers or tips to help me prepare for my trip to the florist? Anything you wish you knew or did before you went? I am hoping that I can save some dough by getting some of the containers for the flowers on my own and giving them to the florist. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

Two Shades of Grey {wedding party attire}

First off, with the help of my maid of honor, Monica, and bridesmaid, Anita, we found the perfect dress for my bridesmaids!!! Yippee! $160 from Nordstrom, and Tia, the salesperson took care of the entire process. She called all of the girls, followed up and made sure everyone ordered on time. THANK YOU, Tia!!! What a rock-star you are!

Over the weekend Vinnie and I met a group of friends for dinner (and a going away party). Anita, one of my bridesmaids was there, as well as 2 of Vinnie's groomsmen; Anita's husband, Trevin, and our friend Greg. I mentioned how excited we were to have found the perfect grey chiffon dress, and the look on all of the guys' faces dropped..... they said, "if you girls are wearing grey dresses, then what color are our suits going to be???!!! You can't have 2 different shades of grey; that will look bad!" This never crossed my mind. After all, I had always envisioned the girls in grey dresses; I hadn't given much thought to the groomsmen attire.

So here I am writing this post today. I decided to do a little research on how bad 2 shades of grey would look in a bridal party, since it's unlikely we'll find the same color grey suit to match the dresses.... and if they don't match, I'm not that stressed about it ;-) Look at all the beautiful wedding parties I found online who went with the same color palette as me! See guys, 2 shades of grey can work!

Here is the dress that inspired my entire vision for our wedding. I was so excited that I found the photographer's website to include more photos from this gorgeous wedding in Mexico. I love everything about this wedding- the simple decor, the color palette, the flowers... so elegant and timeless :) Click on the photo to see all of their wedding.

Source: Stephanie Williams Photography

Here are some more grey and yellow inspired weddings...

Source: Once Wed

Let's see how my bridesmaid dress matches up to this grey suit... pretty nicely, I think!

Source: Nordstrom & Modern Day Soiree

Let's match it up to one more grey suit just to be sure.... yeah, looks good to me ;-)

Source: Nordstrom & One Wed

When it comes to your wedding party's attire, how are you matching everyone up? Same exact colors, mixed-matched, complimentary colors? How did you and your fiance determine what everyone was going to wear? I'm excited to hear your thoughts and tips!