{Heritage & Craft} Bay Area Vintage Rentals

The Bay Area has a pretty legit wedding scene. With Napa, Carmel, Santa Cruz and SF, there is literally something for everyone. But up until now one thing we didn't have was a vintage rental company. Finding one-of-a-kind pieces for your wedding can be challenging to say the least (believe me, I'm doing it. Luckily my mom is really enjoying the process so has pretty much taken over finding all the vintage finds.) The time and the money are almost not worth finding those perfect pieces for your wedding. Then let's all applaud Erin from Bustle Events for notices this need and working incredibly hard to fill it. Thanks to her we all now have access to those expensive little finds that we LOVE but can't get behind paying for, along with a lot of pieces that you literally can't even find anywhere. Heritage & Craft goes one step further by offering a selection of custom made furniture to fit your need exactly. Basically it is your one stop shop for everything amazing and adorable and unique.