{Real Brides} Madeline:: Modern meets Rustic Military Bride

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Name:   Madeline
 Location:   Winchester, VA
 Budget:  Around $20,000
 Age:  24
 Occupation:  Latin Teacher
 Wedding Date: September 2, 2012
 Venue:   Stoneleigh Golf & Country Club
 Planner:   Myself, my sister
Photographer: Darling Photography
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Madeline and Dan
About me: Amazing how you could get so from where you planned, and yet find it was exactly where you needed to be. –Sarah Dessen

This quote somewhat describes my life right now. If you had asked me in high school where I saw myself in 5 years, I never, ever, would have said: 1. Living in the same town I grew up in 2. Teaching Latin at my rival high school 3. Engaged to someone in the military that I met while being a princess in a festival (true story) But here I am- and I couldn't be happier! Its funny how life turns out.

Photos: tablegarlandchevronbouquetbaby breathbicyclegolf cartflowers

Wedding Style: Dan and I are getting married on September 2, at Stoneleigh Golf & Country Club in Round Hill, Virginia. The wedding and the reception will take place in a walled garden with the happy hour (as I like to call it!) on a patio outside of the garden.

Dan is very traditional when it comes to weddings, and I am well, not. At first he thought my ideas of photo booths, lawn games, and a first look were preposterous. But after looking at lots of wedding pictures and thinking about what we want the day to say about us as a couple, it is coming together! I want my wedding to be elegant and rustic but also modern and fun.