Feeling Font-sy {choosing a wedding font}

As of last week, we are at the 6 month mark! Seriously crazy how fast the time flies. We're thisclose to choosing a save-the-date (we don't have many people traveling to our wedding, and already notified those who are traveling about accomodations), and we'll finalize invitations and paper goods by the end of February/early March. I've found choosing an invitation suite pretty daunting, if only for the fact that some brides use one font on everything--think wedding websites, save-the-dates, programs, escort cards, favors, seriously everything. I'd like to think I'm not that crazy, but with six months left, who really knows, right? That being said, there are a few general directions that I am leaning towards. As I've mentioned, our overarching wedding inspiration is Art Nouveau. Our font inspiration comes from an amazing restaurant in San Francisco, Boulevard:

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Here are some others that I'm loving right now: