bust a move {reception music}

One thing I love about Brides magazine (thank u Shana for the subscription), is that in every issue they have a page dedicated to the timeline. Of course this is a suggested timeline, no need to add unneeded stress, however I'm one who could use some structure. I'm approx 10 months away from my big day. I have accomplished 3 of the most daunting tasks, gloriously: The dress? CHECK! The venue? CHECK! My bridal party? CHECK! So, I opened my monthly issue to get some ideas about where I should be in my planning process, and of course, what to blog about :)

Brides Magazine's "countdown" says: 10 months-
  • select your officiant (future post about this coming soon)
  • choose your attendants
  • compile the guest list
  • hire a wedding planner (if needed)
  • Scout for a caterer, florist, DJ or band, and photographer
Since I've already done a post about photography and the guest list (thank you to you lovely ladies who read those and commented. I adore you), it looks like this week's post will be about music. Allison, the fabulous bloggolista, and creator/editor of E&I, did a post recently about wedding songs, and it totally inspired me to write. BTW the title of my blog post is dedicated to an amazing wedding song "Bust a Move," by Young MC. And YES, I know every single word by heart. These folks below seem to be feeling the tunes.

For those of you who know me personally, you know I LOVE music!!!! I have been infatuated with memorizing the words to songs since I was a little girl simply because I love the story a song can tell. Great songs take you on a journey of what the composer was feeling when they wrote it. Great songs bring back memories of wonderful time spent with the ones you love. And great songs can be a true escape into another world that's happy and carefree. For me, that's what music does.
So...... when it comes to my big day, you best believe that the music is gonna rock. Now you might be asking yourself, "how can she tell that the music totally rocked?" Well, my answer is: when people dance, and smile, and laugh, and make memories at the reception.
The challenge for me is not what song to play, but who should play it! Nothing gets a crowd going like a live band that's playing covers of your favorite hits, and nothing can KILL a crowd faster than a cheesey DJ (in my opinion). Please note: I am more fearful of the cheesey annoying DJ, than a band butchering a classic hit. If the band sucks, then my iPod is plugging in. If the DJ sucks, that's awkward. Vinnie only wants to hire a DJ if he or she refuses to talk! (LOL!) I have to agree with him on this one. In an ideal world I will hire a band, and incorporate our list of favorite songs to play in between sets and after the band leaves. But if we have to hire a DJ because of our tight budget, then I am going to want to have someone who talks only when necessary, i.e. introducing the bridal party, "hey everyone, it's time for cake," and "hit the dancefloor because it's the last song of the night." Other than that, Vinnie and I would like them to play our list of favorite songs (in no particular order), have the DJ  feel out the crowd and know when to play them. Is that too much to ask?

TIP FROM TAYA: start making a list of your favorite songs now! Even if you're not that into music, start making a casual list of your favorites.Maybe keep a notepad in your car so when a good one comes on the radio you can jot it down. Vinnie and I started a shared google doc and add songs/artists to it every time we are inspired. I even added a column for when I think the song would be appropriate, like "first dance, cake cutting, get the crowd jump'n".... you get the idea ;-) And to make sure your guests have some input too, you could add a song suggestion box to your website or on the RSVP. It's a great way to make your guests feel included in the planning process.
Oh, and if you live in LA and know of an affordable band please leave a comment!!!!!!! thanks in advance :)