5 Tips For Creating An Ultra-Inviting Lounge Space

Who doesn't love a good lounge area? While chairs and cocktail tables are nice, there's just nothing like kicking back on a plush sofa after a few hours of dancing and libations. Today let's chat about the 5 key ingredients needed to create that oh-so-comfy atmosphere. 

Keep it cozy.

Blankest, soothing colors, and lots and lots of pillows are at the top of the list when it comes to designing a lounge. 

Photo Credit:  Braedon Photography 

Photo Credit: Braedon Photography 

Shed some light.

Even the most lavish lounge in the world wouldn't attract that many people without a little light. Keep in mind that you're going for a relaxing ambiance, so steer clear of anything too bright. Some bistro lights and candles should give the right effect. 

Photo Credit:  Elizabeth Anne Designs 

Give lots of options.

When it comes to seating, more is more! Be sure to give plenty of options so guest can gather without feeling like they're on top of each other. 

Photo Credit:  Pebelona Studios 

Photo Credit: Pebelona Studios 

Add an area rug. 

Nothing says cozy like a nice plush rug. Add one and not only will it instantly give a cool pop of pattern and texture, but it will also help set the space apart from the rest of the festivities. 

Photo Credit:  Frenzel Photographers 

Don't forget the table tops. 

Last but not least, don't forget to add some hard surfaces. Coffee and end tables can work double duty as decor and a sturdy place for guest to rest their drinks.