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For those of you that don't know, "ubicacion" means location in Spanish. Or at least that's what Google's translator told me after a quick web search. ...I really need to learn Spanish. 

Anyhow, possible incorrect translations aside, it's time for another wedding update from yours truly. Today I'm talking location and I would actually like you guys to weigh in if possible. I'm a little torn on the type of location and, well, let me lay it out for you...

Photo via  Desiree Hartsock

As you may know, I'm planning a private ceremony (aka eloping) in Mexico. I've scoured the web for hours looking for possible locations and it's come to my attention that there is one big choice I need to make before I go any further. Do I want a all inclusive/hotel wedding or do I want to to pick a random, yet awesome, spot and find a separate coordinator? Let's look at this a little closer.

Photo via  Wedding Chicks

Photo via Wedding Chicks

The all inclusive/hotel option is probably more cost effective and will save me the trouble of finding my own help. On the other hand, I've read that a lot of resorts have several weddings a day, some of which are located very close together. Also I've heard that many resorts don't allow you to used vendors that are not on their preferred list. This may be a problem because photography and videography are SO important to me.

When it comes to the option of picking a random spot, I love this idea because it means we can get married in a truly unique setting. The trouble with this plan is, how do we find that spot? I was thinking the fiance and I could wonder around a day or two before and just pick a place we love but what if we don't find anything or it's too last minute to set things up the way I want it? Also, is it safe to just wonder around? 

I feel like I have so many questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Until next week - Adios!