Not Eloping | Bridal Blogger Alisha

Today I'm announcing that I am not eloping. ...Well, not in the traditional sense of the word anyway. Let me explain...

Recently I was talking to a loved one who (surprise-surprise)  less than thrilled about not getting to attend our wedding. I shared the fact that I plan to elope because I thought they'd be super excited for us but I was so wrong. I even tried to hype the person up by getting them excited about our reception/marriage celebration that we will be having upon our return but no dice.

They actually ended up getting even more upset and even ended up saying, "I find the whole thing depressing".(Ouch - that one actually hurt.) Then the person went on to tell me that they wished I just ran off and kept the whole thing to myself. (If the other blow hurt, that one knocked me out cold)

This got me thinking - What the heck? Why does everyone act like we're eloping to hurt them personally? And this is 2015, not everything has to be by the book anymore right? Why should I have to keep my news to myself when I'm so excited!? It feels like those who reject my decision are basically saying if I don't have a traditional wedding I don't get to be excited about tying the knot at all.

Maybe I'm being insensitive here but, say it with me brides, "it's my wedding" and I thought I had the right to make it whatever I want it to be. I don't think it's so crazy to want to get married minus the family drama and credit card debt.

It's not like I'm excluding people out of spite. This just happens to be the way I'd like to do this and I still fully plan to have an after party with most of the normal trappings of a regular wedding. We are just gonna go a slightly more frugal and intimate route.

After all this, I realized that the truth is, I'm not eloping. That terminology is wrong. To elope is to run off without telling anyone and I say forget that! I'm not running and I plan to tell anyone who will listen. I'm excited and I want people to know.

In light of all of the above, here I am correcting myself. I am not (really) eloping. I'm having a private ceremony that everyone will know about because it's freaking awesome! Mexico, here we come!!