Let There Be (Bistro) Light

So wedding season is upon us and I was lucky enough to attend a friends big day this past weekend. I was really interested in seeing how everything came together because the venue is very woodsy and doesn't scream wedding at first glance. I had been to the location several times before for family parties, and was having trouble picturing the area as a wedding venue. ...and then I arrived.

My genius friend had strung bistro lights from tree to tree, which created instant ambiance. The romantic light completely transformed the space and really set the tone for the night. I was so inspired, I decided to dedicate this post to my six favorite ways to incorporate bistro lights into your big day. Enjoy!

1. Illuminated photo backdrop

Photo via  Abby Rose Photo

2. Brilliant invites

3. Sparkling ceremony space

Photo via  ReadyLuck

Photo via ReadyLuck

4. glam-ed up tent

Photo via  Adam Barnes

Photo via Adam Barnes

5. twinkling dance floor

Photo via  Adam Trujillo

Photo via Adam Trujillo

6. Dressed up dinner space

Photo via  Hello May

Photo via Hello May