Mexico, Here We Come! | Bridal Blogger Alisha

So after all of the venue hunting, I finally came to a conclusion... I want to elope to Mexico! I want to start off by saying I adore weddings and I love helping plan for other people, but my own wedding planning just wasn't happening. The more I tried the more stressed I because and the farther away my actual marriage seemed. Finally I realized my fiance and I were constantly saying the same thing - let's just get married already!

After many long talks and much deliberation, we finally arrived at the core of our wedding day wants. As much as we would love our friends and family to join in on our day, we finally realized that more than that, we just want to go on an adventure together! So, Mexico here we come!

Photo via  Camille Styles 

I have to admit, since making our decision, I have become obsessed with the idea. I've even, already started making a souvenir wish list! My number one item is some brightly colored throws like the ones pictured above. So gorgeous! 

Photo via  Ruffled Blog 

Photo via Ruffled Blog 

I've also been dreaming up the perfect wedding dress. With our new location I feel less pressure about my bridal look for and I'm ready to just have fun with it. I can't wait to get shopping!

Photo via  Florida Social 

The best thing about this little change of plans is the amount of pressure that it has relieved. Instead of freaking out from stress, I'm freaking out because of excitement! I am so ready to hope a plane and say I do! Before that happens though, I have to work out the details and that's where you come in. Please leave comments below with any advice for planning my destination elopement!

Can't wait to read your comments!