The Wedding Registry

I love how interesting wedding registries are getting. When I was getting married I did the traditional department store registry and it was a bit of a pain. I ended up taking several really large return trips to Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn and it took months to get all that cardboard. In retrospect I feel like we should have made more of an effort to diversify our registry a little bit to include both things we needed/wanted and experiences/trips we could do together. 

When I saw Envelope Registry I was incredibly impressed. First of all, the design is beautiful which is always a huge plus for me. (I don't know how many terribly ugly wedding websites I can take at this point.) But aside from the design -  it felt like a simple and easy way for a couple to set up a registry (and I have seen the registry process drag on for months and months). Similarly, the flow from a guest perspective is simple even kind of fun. It just takes a lot of the guesswork and pain out of the wedding registry. 

When you setup your registry you get to choose from a collection of experiences and physical categories. Did I mention I love their design? These cards represent the categories you might choose - and from there you'll include some specifics on each experience. When guests purchase something off your registry, cash will be deposited into your account allowing you to do what you want/need with that money!

From the guest perspective it is just as easy and fun in my opinion - Guests have the opportunity to buy anything from your registry, for example, 5 cups of coffee or 50 miles of road tripping! They get to choose how much to contribute (so they will never run into the issue of you not having enough items on your registry that they can't seem to pick something) and they can complete the transaction quickly and easily. 

Envelope Registry just launched in the US and are running a contest to double one couple's registry! Find more details on their website and definitely check them out - might be a great option for your registry!