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Hi all - So the venue hunt was put on hold this week due a family members surprise birthday party that I helped put together. Despite the fact that party planning was super time consuming, I kept finding my mind wonder back to my big day. It's officially an obsession at this point. 

Since I now I have my "venue vision" (minus the actual venue), I thought I could finally start figuring out my bridal look. This is defiantly going to be a work-in-progress. Still I wanted to put what I'm thinking out there and see what you, the E & I Readers, think! Let's hop right in...

Hair Inspiration

Since I'd like to incorporate some old hollywood style into my day, I'm thinking I need to go glam! I love the idea of soft pretty waves pushed back on once side. Add a killer embellished headband or comb and I'd be good to go. 

My only issues with this style is that I'm worried it's going to look too flat and I wonder if the embellished touch will clash/snag on me veil. (I told you I've become obsessive!) I am considering going hair accessory-free for the ceremony and then popping one on before I step into my reception. Let me know your thoughts! 

Beauty Inspiration 

As far as my makeup goes, I'm totally torn. I've always had a taste for more dramatic looks but worry that too much makeup will be a distraction. Part of me thinks I should play it safe and go for a natural look, but I've always thought I'd rock some bold makeup on my wedding day.

My main concern is my lip color. I'd love to wear a strong glam lip color but I'm so worried that I'll have to fuss with it all day. Any recommendations on this ladies? I'd love to know what your favorite long wear lip color is or if you have any wedding day beauty tips to share! 

See below for my favorite looks so far. 

Photo via  Mangofaster  

Photo via Mangofaster 

Photo via  Soshallo

Photo via Soshallo

Thanks so much for reading! I can't wait to read your thoughts and tips in the comment section! Until next time.