Bride Blogger Alisha // Our Wedding Inspiration

As promised, today I'll be sharing my wedding inspiration board! Before I get into it, let me take a second to sing the praises of Pinterest. How in the world did any bride get along without it? Its such a fab way to find design inspiration and collect your thoughts. 

Last week, Tony and I sat down and started our officially Pinterest planning board. After lots of debate and tons of pins, this is our end result. Check it out and leave us a comment below with your planning suggestions. We can use all the help we can get!

Photo via  Jenny Jimenez

Photo via Jenny Jimenez

The first thing we agree'd on was our main color. We're going burgundy for the win! I just love how the rich color pops against the greenery in this bouquet! 

I'm still trying to figure out what other accent colors to through into the mix. Maybe a few shades of pink, white, and light champagne gold? 

As far as our personal wedding style, we are still playing around with different ideas. We've decided that incorporating the burgundy color is a must, but that's the only idea we've actually nailed down so far.

As stated in my last post, we want to include some "Old Hollywood" style but we're trying to be careful not to make it too cliche. I'm thinking that our wedding day looks could be the perfect area to infuse in some of that vintage glamour. More on that in a later post. 

Photo via  Alyssa Maloof

Photo via Alyssa Maloof

By far our biggest challenge has been the venue. We pretty much want big budget style... but with a small price tag. Hey - a girl can dream, right?

My ideal venue would be someplace affordable, with a killer view for our outdoor ceremony, and a elegant/modern indoor space for our reception. It's really important to me to have some natural elements  in our day but I don't really want that rustic or lodge-y look.

Am I crazy? Does that even exist?

Photo via  Dentelle Fleurs

Photo via Dentelle Fleurs

Photo via  Burnettes Boards  

Photo via Burnettes Boards 

I love, love, love this table setting. I die over the mix of colors and textures every time I see it! It's pretty much my wedding in a tablescape. 

Our cake selection will be of the naked variety because I love them! I've never been a huge frosting fan so I was really glad to see that this trend caught on. Plus, how gorgeous is that cake?

Lastly, can we talk about sparkler exits for a second? We really want to create a fun send off to close out our big day. I've always loved the idea of a sparkler exit and I can't wait to run through ours together!


Tell me what you think or leave me a comment down below and help me plan my wedding!