5 ways to include The fam in your big day

Here we are, November 24 th, with Thanksgiving right around the corner. This time of year is always super exciting because it means three things are coming your way - family, food, and shopping! Amiright? While I'm really looking forward to all three, for now let's focus on the first one!

Today I thought I'd share 5 awesome ways to include your loved ones in your big day. Sure they get to eat, dance, and celebrate with you; but why stop there? Scroll down for some killer ideas on how to make your family feel extra special on your wedding day.

1. Take a Group photo!

Photo Credit:  Tessa Barton

Photo Credit: Tessa Barton

2. Display your family tree! (possibly in a tree)

Photo Credit:  Green Autumn

Photo Credit: Green Autumn

3. All hands in for a Generation photo!

Photo Credit:  Anna K Photography

Photo Credit: Anna K Photography

4. Dine Family Style

Photo Credit:  T & C Photographie

5. Use those heirlooms!

Photo Credit:  Jeff Loves Jessica

Photo Credit: Jeff Loves Jessica