Glamping Style by Melissa Jaen Photography

Editorial glamping girls night. What more could you want? This group of vendors brought the outdoors in for a fabulous "girls night in" style experience. Check out all the little details, the stunning hair & makeup, and that awesome sheepskin rug!

"Just because we're living in the Polar Vortex doesn't mean we can't have any outdoor fun. Stylish girls are also resourceful, as proven by two creative Chicago wedding pros Maritza Buelvas and Alice Nielsen who decided to take the idea of Glamping indoors and create a trusty toolkit for style seekers, to boot.

Glamping as defined by Oxford Dictionaries is "...likely [to] satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries." But what if nature isn't quite cooperating in your neck of the woods? Seeking sanctuary from the harsh outdoor elements seems to be a common thread in early 2014. And for all those busy planning weddings, hosting soirees or just needing a "me" moment, the constant downpour of snow and freezing temps can certainly put a damper on one's style mojo. 

Bringing the outdoors "indoors" in unexpected ways, can breathe fresh air into your next intimate gathering or group celebration. Pitch a tent by your living room fireplace this Valentines Day to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with your sweetie; roast marshmallows indoors and sip on champagne with your girlfriends while watching the 10 year celebration of Mean Girls, or pack a slew of picnic baskets and host a DIY couples engagement brunch.

All it takes is a little creative ingenuity and some crafty common sense. Try mixing in rustic elements like branches and wood, with comfy home furnishings and desserts that seem to float off your plate. Here are some visual cues and styling ideas for transforming your indoor space into a glamorous safari retreat."

Concept by: Alice Nielsen and Maritza Buelvas. Event styling by Alice Nielsen of; Hair by Maritza Buelvas of; Makeup by Brenda Arelano @brendaarelano; Modeling by Rachel Rose Perez and Erica Nielsen; Photography by Melissa Jaen of